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Ultimate relaxation with an erotic massage

Having an erotic massage is a wonderful experience. It is a perfect form of relaxation after a long week of work of any kind, as a gift or just from curiosity. There is no reason to be shy. Everyone deserves to explore their intimate parts with care and pleasure. It can be done in a discreet and safe way as a joy you will like and seek even later. Who knows?

Maybe you are familiar with general knowledge about erotic massage. If not, you should know that Bratislava tantra salon does not offer sexual service. The massage itself is following a tradition of tantra. Tantra is a philosophy, mostly Hindu practice that is around 5000 years old. It has roots in India.

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It celebrates sacred sexuality, which is viewed as maintaining balance in the universe. Furthermore, it is physical as well as a spiritual component of our existence.

The most common question is what can we expect after hearing a word erotic massage

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Before the whole process of massage and during massage itself, client and masseur have to accept the rules. Hygiene is a top priority, even more important than ever before, because of a pandemic situation, skin diseases or other. Every participant should take a shower before. The salon is following tradition by means of special clothes and usage of well-known gestures (bowing) to make the experience even more valuable and interesting.

Who is allowed to schedule a massage? Everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or sex.

The staff is welcoming, and the same attitude is required from the clients. Polite behaviour is one of the predictors of having a good time and having expectations met. The massage can be done also for couples. If you are currently single, you can have a double massage in a presence of two beautiful masseuses.

The variety of programmes is huge. It depends on your preference, mood and curiosity. You can be a beginner or just with a preference of simplicity – you can try a classic tantra.

The salon wishes you a happy exploring of their offer, you can choose by intuition.