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Magic of erotic massages

Erotic massage can do wonders with men. And when it is done by a woman who is beautiful, sexy and knows where to go to excite a man and bring him to the point of ejaculation, the man will feel like he is in heaven, and you can be sure that you will seduce any guy like this. Heeled shoes – most men are excited by high-heeled shoes in bold colours. And not only their feet, which the shoe emphasizes, but also their shape. Some men even have a penchant for women`s legs – and I`m not surprised at all. When you look at a woman`s and a man`s foot, you will find several differences. And a woman`s leg is therefore far more graceful than a man`s.


Sexy lace underwear – who wouldn`t be excited by lace panties with the smell of a woman`s vagina? Probably every normal heterosexual man. If you surprise your man and buy a wonderful pair of panties, he will be 100% excited. I did it like that too, and it made my boyfriend very excited. And then I seduced him. Breasts – some men are downright into breasts. And so, they mainly look at the upper part of the body. Breasts like to caress and kiss in different ways. And this can lead a woman to unprecedented and wonderful pleasure, which she will enjoy and be delighted with one hundred percent. Let the man take the initiative for a while and try too.


We women love kissing and licking vaginas, I`m one of them. And I like kissing and licking the vagina even more than having sex with my boyfriend. And that`s enough to say. Try to be seductive and attractive to your man – paint yourself nicely, do make-up and be beautiful. Even subtle make-up is enough. But it is important that you are always attracted to your man and that he is attracted to you at the same time. But that needs to be worked on during the relationship. You need to learn tricks on your man. And then it will be easy. And even ordinary lipstick on the lips can turn a man on. So try it too and see the results.